Managing Your Bankroll for Slots


Managing Your Bankroll for Slots

Online slots do not require much skill and because of this there is no strategy to them as you just play the game. Bankroll management though is important when playing online slots because sensible bankroll management allows players to get more games in. There are two factors to take into consideration when you are devising a bankroll management strategy. The first factor is whether you are a low or high roller and the second factor is whether you like to take risks or prefer a more conservative approach.bankroll management

The Simple strategy is for players that like to take risks but are low rollers. These players will want higher winnings but are willing to risk small bankrolls. With this strategy a player that receives a pay out on any spin will then bet the maximum for the next spin. If the player does not get a pay out on any spin then the player will reduce the bet by one coin. With this bankroll management strategy, players are able to cash in on winning streaks that occur.

The Up The Steps strategy is for those that are conservative and are low rollers. With this strategy, when a player receives a pay out on any spin they will increase the bet for the next spin by one coin. If the player does not get a pay out in any spin then they reduce their bet by one coin for their next spin. With this strategy players are not able to take advantage of winning streaks, but they are able to stretch their bankroll.

The 3 Star strategy can be used for both the Simple and Up the Steps strategy. The basics of this strategy is that it requires more than one win to qualify for a winning streak and more than one loss to be a losing streak. This means that changes to the number of coins bet is only made on three wins in a row or three losses in a row.

There are players that do not believe in winning and losing streaks. These players will have a pattern of wagering that they will follow no matter what the outcome is for each spin. This is called the Patterns strategy. There are two components to this strategy. The first is the total number of coins in the pattern sequence. Low rollers will have fewer coins and high rollers will have more coins. The second is the proportion of wagers with maximum coins. In the pattern risk takers will have more wagers with maximum coins whereas conservative players will have fewer bets with maximum coins.

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